Training U



Aug 23- Nov 15

Training U is our Midweek Discipleship program. We offer a variety of classes on topics such as doctrine, marriage and family, personal devotion and more. Join us each Wednesday at 5:00 for supper in the Fellowship Hall and stay for Training U. Below is the Fall 2016 schedule for Training U.

As you may notice, our TU schedule is much simpler this semester. Instead of a two session structure we have condensed our Wednesday night schedule to one session. We hope that the new schedule will better serve the needs of our growing congregation.

Training U Classes:

1) Theology 1- Pastor Mat

Subject: Exploration of basic christian doctrines

Location: Chapel, Davis Building end of the nursery hall

Book: Christian Beliefs, Wayne Grudem,  can also be purchased through the church

2) Religious Liberty: How the Gospel Shapes our First Freedom- Whitney Alexander

Subject: A study of the doctrine of religious liberty in our current cultural context

Location: C103 (Young Adult Sunday School Room), 1st class on right, down from Fellowship Hall in Cushing Building

Book: Religious Liberty Study Book, Can be purchased through the church

3) Finding Hope- Woodie Turner

Subject: Helping yourself and/or others deal biblically with addiction

Location: C108 (Sparks’ Sunday School Room), 3rd class on left down from Fellowship Hall in Cushing Building

Book: Addictions: A Banquet in the Grave, available on &



Wednesday Night Schedule

Children & Students:

5:00-5:30 Supper

5:30-6:50 Missions & Choir/ Class for Youth


5:00-5:45 Supper

5:45-6:00 Prayer Meeting

6:00-6:50 Training U Classes

Choir & Bells:

Adult Bells 5:45-6:30

Choir Practice 7:00-8:30

*Nursery is provided for ages 3 and under from 5:45-6:50pm

How Can We Help?

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