We have been given the amazing privilege of proclaiming the Gospel of Christ to a lost world. We must be faithful to the Great Commission.
How we live out this foundation:
  • A Passion for Reaching Our Whole City
    • We must be passionate about reaching people from all nations, races, and socio-economic backgrounds here in Etowah County.
  • A Passion for Personal Evangelism
    • We want to share the glorious Gospel of Christ every chance we get.
  • A Passion for The Nations
    • The Bible commands that we have a passion to see people from all nations trust Christ.
  • A Passion for Loving our Neighbors
    • We want to love our neighbors through hospitality, facilities, and neighbor-love programs.
  • A Passion for Stewarding Unique Modern Opportunities
    • We want to be faithful stewards of innovative outreach methods which include our use of marketing, branding, advertising, websites, social media, traditional media, technology, etc.


How Can We Help?

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