KIDS’ WORSHIP is our children’s worship program. Our children attend the regular worship service, and are escorted, by a Kids’ Worship volunteer, to the chapel at the time noted in the order of worship (Chimes).  At KIDS’ WORSHIP they will sing songs, hear a Bible story, watch fun videos, answer questions and enjoy a little popcorn and bottled water.

KIDS’ WORSHIP is designed for children from ages 4-11. Each Sunday one of our amazing volunteer teams will lead your child in worship and care for them while you are in worship. Every 5th Sunday we have Family Worship where the children are invited to stay in the worship service with the whole congregation.

Your children will be waiting in the chapel for you after worship. The chapel is located at the far end of the first floor of the Davis Building, that’s the hallway where the nurseries are located. If you come in through the door marked “Family Entrance”, it would be to the right at the end of the hall. Just follow the scent of popcorn and sound of children singing. Also, one of our ushers or staff members would gladly show you the way.

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