When are the pictures to be taken?

Pictures will be taken Sunday March 4th and Monday March 5th from 1:00pm-8:oopm

How do I sign up for an appointment?

Make your appointment by clicking this link.  You will be redirected to the Portrait Cafe webpage where you can select you desired appointment time. If we fill all of our appointments we will open another day for pictures. If you find all the appointments full please contact the church office.

How long do I have to sign up?

Deadline to sign up is February 20th, after which time the appointment portal will be closed.

Don’t Feel Comfortable Signing Up Online?

If you or someone you know may feel more comfortable making the appointment over the phone please contact the church office and we will assist you, (256) 547-6828.

No appointment times work for you?

If you can not make any of the appointment dates please contact the church office. We will work with you to submit a photo for the directory.

Where are pictures being taken?

We will take pictures in the Fellowship Hall. You should arrive early for your appointment. You will take your pictures and then sit with someone to choose the picture for the church directory, and free 8×10 photo.

How much does this cost?

The church directory is at no cost to the church or any church member. The Portrait Cafe expects that some of our people will like their photos enough to make purchases of additional products. However, no one is obligated to make a purchase.

Will I be pressured to buy pictures?

No, there is no obligation to make any purchase. Everyone photographed will be given a free 8×10 of their directory picture. You may make other purchases if you wish.

How Can We Help?

Send us an email at