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Job Description for Church Custodian:



The basic philosophy of cleaning is to always be ready for the next event. For most weeks this will mean clean for Wednesday night programing and Sunday morning, but often times there are additional events during the week that will require altering your cleaning schedule.

The church custodian is to clean the area assigned to them according to the duties chart to be provided. Some areas will need to be cleaned twice weekly, others once a week, and some will only need to be inspected monthly.

Cleaning includes: taking out trash, tidying room or areas, dusting furniture and fixtures, cleaning windows, mopping and/or vacuuming floors, wiping down and disinfecting bathroom fixtures, and anything else that needs to be done to put the space back into usable order.

The custodian may be given other cleaning projects as necessary such as seasonal preparations and emergency clean-up as needed or at the request of his supervisor.

Maintenance & Projects

The custodian will maintain church appliances, grounds and facilities to the extent of his abilities, involving areas like plumbing, electrical, painting, carpentry, and other handy-man type work. Also, he will replace ceiling tiles, air filters, light bulbs and handle other minor maintenance items as needed or at the request of his supervisor.

Custodial Management

The custodian must keep a record of past, ongoing, and future maintenance items for the church. He is to generally oversee the maintenance, upkeep and organization of the grounds and facilities. With the oversight of his supervisor he may also be asked to manage some maintenance projects.

Locking and Unlocking

The custodian will be asked to open the facilities for use and close them after use. The opening process will include disarming security system, unlocking doors, insuring the proper HVAC systems are operational, adjusting thermostats, turning on lights, and any other duties to make sure rooms and areas to be used are properly set up for the event. The closing process involves turning off lights, taking out any trash, making sure HVAC systems are properly set, arming security and locking doors.



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